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A New Network Architecture For Maximizing Pay TV ROI

The need to accommodate anticipated consumer demand for multiscreen services has prompted a long-running debate over Network Service Provider (NSP) migration strategies that invariably envision high outlays for replacing legacy set-tops and funding enough bandwidth to deliver massive volumes of unicast IP streams on top of the traditional TV services.

While it’s impossible to predict how new strategies in play among TV programming suppliers and aggregators will impact the legacy premium service model, NSPs can ensure they’re prepared for whatever the market brings by taking the most cost-effective approach to addressing today’s requirements for unicast services.

Download our whitepaper A New Network Architecture For Maximizing Pay TV ROI and learn more about:

  • the new premium service mandate: market trends and their implications for NSPs

  • the challenges to equipping networks for the future: the limitations of legacy VOD and CDN infrastructures

  • a holistic solution for live IP streaming and on-demand services

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